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Looking for a few Friends..

Louisville Library Board is seeking donations for their 3rd annual bake sale at the Omaha Volkswagen Club Show & Shine 2019 in downtown Louisville Saturday, September 14th. (THIS SATURDAY)

We are looking for cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes, bars, marshmallow treats or any yummy dessert or snack. They should be individually wrapped ready for sale.

To add a little fun to the VW Show we would like to add a cake walk as well. We are looking for all types & sizes of cakes & cupcakes.

Money raised will go to help the library give back to the community. If you are interested in helping, but don't have time to make a tasty treat? $ donations at also accepted at the library. Any questions? Let me know. We will keep the library open an hour longer (til 6pm) Friday the 16th so you can drop off any goodies the night before the event. Otherwise the library will be open at 7:30 Saturday morning for your donations. We appreciate your help in making both our library and our bake sale/cake walk great. By the way, we know where you can borrow some really cool cake pans 😉😊 (Psst...Try the library)