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The Louisville Public Library was started by the Louisville Women's Club in February 1901. It was started with one hundred used and donated books.

The first librarian was Mrs. S. B. (Sarah) McLeian or McLearn. She served 7 years. Miss Edith Shyrock served as librarian from 1908-1917. When the town took over the library in 1917 Edith Shyrock remained as the librarian till 1931.

Other librarians were:

Mrs. E. D. Stevenson--1932-1935
Bedella Stander--August 1937-September 1953
Gertrude Ackles--November 1953-September 1959
Doris Hirsch--September 1959-November 1960
Grace McGrew--December 1960-February 1964
Lucille McGrew--February 1964-July 1967
Elizabeth Long--August 1967-September 1971
Miriam Doty--September 1971-May 1972
Ruth Ann Hlavac--May 1972 - April 2012

Darla McDonald--April 2012 to 2019
Michelle Daniels 2019 - Present

At the time the Village Board took over the library it was appointed by Mrs. E. D. Stevenson as President; Mrs. Helen A. Cleghorn as Secretary and James Stander as Treasurer in December 1916.